Is Gymshark Worth the Hype?

Photo by Tim Bernhard on Unsplash

If you follow any fitness influencers, there is no doubt you’ve seen Gymshark apparel. Men and women both seem to be decked out in all things Gymshark in every workout video or post-gym mirror selfies! Gymshark sometimes seems to be the only apparel sponsor of fitness/wellness content creators nowadays. The question we’re left with, is it actually worth the hype? 

It’s hard to trust sponsorships sometimes, as it seems like everyone is trying to promote something. When you see almost every fitness influencer in the same uniform though, you are definitely left thinking that there must be a reason. With very few in-person stores, the only way to test the product is to order, which is why we’re here to help you understand if Gymshark is worth it!

Overall, their apparel seems to be made of really high-quality workout materials. If you’re looking for squat-proof leggings (let’s be real, who isn’t?), then you should definitely pick up some of their seamless leggings. Most of them are actually sweat- and squat-proof! 

Additionally, their sports bras and comfort clothes are held to the same standards. It’s safe to say Gymshark really takes the quality of their clothing seriously. We really do understand why all the fitness influencers love them!