Is Intermittent Fasting Right For You?

Nuts and snacks
Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash

You may have heard of something called intermittent fasting. If you’re not sure what it is exactly, let us give you a basic debriefing. In a nutshell, there are certain times throughout the day where you cannot eat a thing, save for a few cups of water, perhaps. When that timeframe is up, you can eat however much you want. This approach is one that worked for many, but not everyone. So is it right for you? Let’s find out.

Who Are You?

Ultimately, you have to know what kind of person you are before you can decide. Are you the kind of person that thrives with strict boundaries? Or are you someone who works better with looser reins?

For instance, there are some people who, when given more freedom, will stray from their path, and potentially eat things they’re not supposed to. These same people perform better when they have stricter boundaries. At the same time, there are those who react negatively to such extreme rules, and feel more comfortable with the freedom.

If you’re not sure which one of those paradigms fits your personality best, the obvious thing to do is to just try it out and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, no harm no foul. It’s not the right fit, so you can move on and try something else!