Is Pilates Easy? Cassey Ho’s Here to Set the Record Straight

Blogilates instructor Cassey Ho takes fitness seriously and in addition to calling out unrealistic beauty standards and getting honest about her insecurities, she’s setting the record straight about Pilates. The main misconception about Pilates is that it’s not as good of a workout for working your body as other workouts.

In her latest Instagram post, Ho debunked the myth that the controlled movements in Pilates are easy by showing a series of Pilates moves including teasers and side planks. While showing the moves she sings, “I be minding my own business, getting fit with my Pilates, when I hear the boys say, ‘Does that even work your body?’ Does that even work your body?! Have you even tried? Let’s put you in a teaser and see if you won’t cry.”

The next verse of the song is Ho joking about breathing hard, limbs shaking, and feeling sore the next day.

We couldn’t agree more with Ho as Pilates is far from easy—it’s a full-body workout that strengthens your abs and pelvic floor muscles, increases flexibility, and eases lower back pain. It’s also a low-impact workout that’s gentle on your joints and can help you avoid getting injured. Pilates improves your performance in other workouts because when you have a stronger core, the rest of your workouts are better.