Is Working Out with a Sunburn a Good Idea?

Photo by Rampal Singh on Unsplash

Summer and sunburns often go hand in hand, but adding workouts into the mix can be a fatal combination. Most experts agree that working out with sunburns isn’t the best idea, and recommend skipping the gym for a few days.

You should avoid overheating at all costs when dealing with sunburns, and that’s practically impossible when you’re working out. Raising your body’s temperature is not recommended in this condition, and exercising will do just that.

Body heat and sweat will irritate your already sensitive skin, and you’ll have a hard time staying properly hydrated along the way. Tight clothes, such as leggings, also won’t be doing you any favors, because they may lead to inflammation.

If you can’t imagine skipping a workout, stick to light exercises, and see how your body reacts. Wear lightweight and loose clothes, drink a lot of water, and avoid the sun, but giving your body a few days to recover is a much better idea than working out.