It’s Important To Know That Your Core Isn’t Just Abs

Core Muscles
Photo by Austin Wilcox on Unsplash

In today’s modern society, exercise is at the forefront, and the concept of strengthening your core is its poster theme. However, there seems to be a bit of a miscommunication regarding what one’s core actually is. You may have heard that your “core” is just your abs, those belly muscles that make you strong and help you sit up. But your core is way more awesome than just your abs, and here’s why.

A Mighty Tree

Think of your core like the center of a mighty tree. It’s not only the trunk but also the branches, leaves, and roots that support the whole tree. In your body, the core isn’t just your front muscles (abs)—it’s also your back, sides, and even the muscles around your hips. These muscles work together to give you balance, strength, and protect your spine.

Not Just Glamour

So, why is it important to know that your core is more than just your abs? Well, it’s because some people love strengthening their abs just so they can have a cool looking six pack—whereas having a strong core is about so much more than just that. As we’ve discussed, a strong core is the foundation of a strong body, and it’s crucial to remember that!