It’s Time Intensify Your Workouts With EMOM Training

Have you heard of EMOM training? EMOM training stands for Every Minute of the Minute and it’s a way to structure your workouts with a heavy emphasis on cardio. During the exercise, you have to push yourself through the rep count every minute so you’re constantly trying to get to the deadline.

There are two ways to EMOM—one is completing a set number of reps of an exercise within one minute and then using the remainder of the time to rest and the other involves doing as many reps of an exercise as possible within one minute and then switching to another exercise the next minute with a designated minute of rest in between.

EMOM training is a great way to boost the intensity of bodyweight workouts, especially when you don’t have the equipment you would have access to at the gym. While completing EMOM training, it’s important to nail your technique for each move before increasing your speed and endurance.

One of the best things about this type of training is that it can be catered to anybody regardless of how in shape they are. The exercises can be modified for your fitness level and you can take more rest breaks in between sets if you need to. Also, if you want to focus more on strength than cardio, you can add weights to your exercises or if you prefer a cardio burn, focus on cardio-style exercises like high knees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks.