It’s Time to Stop Calling Things “Guilty Pleasures”

Woman eating a burger
Photo by Frederick Medina on Unsplash

Most of us have used the phrase “guilty pleasure” to describe things that don’t fit into our healthy lifestyles. From pizza and ice cream to sitting on the couch watching hours of reality TV, we all have things we love doing but are embarrassed to admit. So, why should we feel bad about doing things that make us feel good and aren’t hurting anybody? Here’s why you should stop using the phrase guilty pleasures.

Makes You Feel Guilty

Calling something a guilty pleasure makes you feel bad about indulging in it. Being negative about it makes it harder to enjoy the pleasurable experience.

Limits Your Identity

When things you like conflict with your identity, it makes you feel uneasy. Like if you see yourself as someone who’s healthy, but you eat a donut or you’re athletic, but you’re spending the day playing video games. This inconsistency can make you feel stressed and like you’re a fraud.

Implies You’re Lazy or Weak

Being unable to embrace pleasure without guilt attached makes indulging seem sinful and that you’re weak. Giving in to your guilty pleasures implies you don’t have willpower or self-control, which isn’t the case at all.