Jessica Alba’s Personal Trainer Has Shared Her Workout Secrets

As the star of the dance film Honey and the cop show L.A.’s Finest, Jessica Alba is an actress who needs to remain in peak shape. Her long-term trainer, Ramona Braganza, has now revealed the secrets behind Jessica’s workout, enabling you to also achieve her level of fitness.

Mix it Up

According to Braganza, Jessica routinely works out in the morning as well as in the evening. Still, the personal trainer advises that you always alternate between the two as this not only enables variety but facilitates a good post-workout recovery.

Listen to Music

Music is a major part of Jessica’s workout, as this keeps her motivated. Braganza insists that it’s always good to find a way to remain interested in your exercise routine in order to keep committed.

Do What You’re in the Mood For

As Braganza recalled, Jessica isn’t always in the mood for the gym. If this happens to be you, consider doing alternative exercises such as Jessica does, which could include hiking, swimming, or playing your favorite sport.