Kate Upton Opens Up About Her Post-Baby Fitness Journey

Many new moms struggle to adjust to their new role and get back on track after giving birth, including our favorite celebrities. Kate Upton admitted she had trouble getting back in shape after welcoming her daughter Genevieve, but how did she get out of the slump?

The famous model is set to appear on the unretouched September cover of Health Magazine, and she used this opportunity to discuss her views on the unrealistic beauty standards, while looking back at her own fitness journey.

Upton encouraged readers to focus on feeling strong instead of looking a certain way when searching for the perfect workout. She believes that numbers on the scale shouldn’t determine anyone’s worth, since it’s much healthier to find a routine that keeps you energized and powerful.

That’s exactly what she found through her collaboration with Ben Bruno, who helped her create the Strong4Me program. She followed 30-minute workouts that he designed after giving birth and is still on the path to becoming her strongest self.

“That was actually the hardest thing for me – going from being extremely strong to not even really being able to do a lunge. I’m more than eight months post giving birth and am still not as strong as I was,” admitted Kate Upton.

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