Lady Gaga’s Fans Have to Try These 3 Fitness Marshall Workouts

Lady Gaga gave us one of the best albums of the year with Chromatica, and some of its biggest hits will fit right into your workout playlist. If you’re not sure what moves you should do while working out to them, make sure to check out The Fitness Marshall’s dance cardio videos.

Stupid Love

Working out to a catchy and upbeat song is the best way to burn some major calories, and “Stupid Love” is all that. The Fitness Marshall’s dance workout to this song seems pretty easy, but we promise you’ll be out of breath by the time it stops playing.

Rain On Me

Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Ariana Grande “Rain On Me” is one of the biggest hits of the summer, and you can find countless workouts with this track playing in the distance—including this one.

Sour Candy             

If you’re a huge K-Pop fan, this BLACKPINK collaboration definitely belongs on your workout playlist. The moves in The Fitness Marshall’s dance cardio to this song are extremely simple, but they’ll do an amazing job toning your arms, glutes, and legs.