Learn Basic Tai Chi Movements

Before you start your tai chi exercises, it’s crucial to have a warmup. You can have a quick 5-minute run, do a head roll, a stretch where you bend down to your toes and slowly come back up with your hands on your hips, shoulder rolls, arm circle, picking fruit, knee circles, and hip rolls. Here are some basic tai chi moves you should learn as a beginner.

Brush The Knee

Lift your left hand up, while your right hand is next to your body. The left palm is facing front, and the right facing down. Step out with your left foot, twisting your body at the waist. Slowly raise your right hand, while the left hand goes down. Circle back and put your arms to starting position.

Warrior and Scholar

Firstly, you want to put your feet together while relaxing your hands at your sides. Then, take a breath through your nose while bending your knees and sinking down, left hand flat and right hand balled up in a fist. Continuing to inhale, cover your right fist with your left hand and lift up. Come to a straight-legged stance. Exhale through your mouth and repeat the process.