Lilly Sabri’s Workout Challenges Will Help You Get a Flat Belly

Image via lillysabri/Instagram

With 1.4 million followers and counting, Lilly Sabri is one of YouTube’s top fitness vloggers and she’s constantly sharing new workouts that will challenge you to transform your body. If you want to get an amazing six-pack, her flat belly workouts are a good place to start. Keep in mind they’re just a jumping-off point and you have to keep it up to see long-term improvements.

8-Minute Belly Workout (14 Days)

This workout is a great introduction to Sabri’s approach to fitness and it will help you determine if her videos suit you or not. In addition to demonstrating the moves and guiding you through them, her videos also include modifications for beginners.

5-Minute Belly Workout (14 Days)

This workout is even shorter than the previous one, and it’s perfect for people with a busy schedule. The majority of exercises are performed on your back and a yoga mat is the only piece of equipment that you need to do them at home.

7-Minute Belly Workout (7 Days)

This workout is a little bit more intense than the previous two because it’s conceptualized as a seven-day challenge. The moves are similar, but more energetic this time around and Sabri introduced resistance bands in some of the exercises to make them more effective.