Looking to Make Your Jump Rope Workouts More Challenging? Get a Weighted Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts and it’s super simple to do at home. During the pandemic, everyone seems to have taken up jump roping, even Halle Berry. The workout can be done in minutes and it’s low-impact making it easy on your joints and putting you at less risk for injury. If you’re looking to make your jump rope workout even more challenging, try a weighted rope.

There are a couple of different jump ropes—a regular jump rope, a lighter jump rope (speed rope), and a heavier one (weighted jump rope). With a weighted rope, you can do the same jumps like double unders, high-knees, and single-leg hops, but it’s more challenging on the muscles, leading to a higher calorie burn. These ropes add intensity to workouts and they increase your heart rate faster than a regular one. Weighted ropes also target new muscles like the shoulders, back, triceps, and forearms. Trust us, you’ll feel the burn in your shoulders and forearms after exercising with a weighted jump rope.

While it may seem like weighted jump ropes are meant for people with experience training, they are equally great for beginners. Weighted jump ropes can help beginners improve their form, balance, and coordination as the resistance and feedback of the rope will allow them to work slower.