Low-Impact Exercises to Help You De-stress

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER @LGNWVR on Unsplash

When you are feeling stressed the best way to help you feel better is to do move your body. You don’t have to do a heavy strength workout to feel the de-stressing benefits. In fact, low-impact exercises actually work much better. Low impact workouts also take the load off your joints and ligaments, but you can still get your sweat on while doing them. Here are three low impact exercises you can do to help you feel less stressed.


Walking helps you to manage your weight and can prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. It is easy and free and can be done any time of the day. You can of course make it a little harder by finding routes with an incline, to get your heart rate up. Walking can improve your mood, especially when it’s just you and nature and your favorite tunes.


You will work all your muscles in a swim session but being in water makes the workout lower impact on your body. You don’t have to think about anything except moving through the warm water. Take a morning swim in the ocean to really feel your stress falling away.


Pilates is a great way to help you lower your stress levels. It is slow moving, but focuses on your breath, which will calm down your nervous system and it is a great workout. Pilates effectively improves muscle strength, balance, and quality of life. Find an instructor you love and settle into a class! All you need to think about is breathing and moving your body.