Massage Guns Are a Growing Trend in Sport Recovery

Massage guns
Photo by on Unsplash

If you’ve ever had a massage, you know how great it can feel on sore muscles. Focused pressure on tight areas can lead to much-needed relief that makes movement more comfortable and recovery much quicker. The cost of massages can really add up, though, especially if you’re getting them consistently. While it’s hard to compete with the feeling of human hands, there are other options available that can help. Massage guns have been increasing in popularity as a way to loosen tight areas and speed up recovery time. There are many brands available at various price points, but they all have similar benefits.

Increases Circulation

When compression is exerted on muscles, blood flow is temporarily restricted, and when the compression is lifted fresh blood can flow into the area. With it, the fresh blood brings oxygen to the area, which can help with healing and recovery time after a strenuous workout.

Reduces Lactic Acid and Inflammation

Whenever we work out, lactic acid is created in our muscles and this is often what causes muscle soreness. This as well as other fluids can build up within our muscles and lead to tightness and discomfort. Massage guns can help to push this extra fluid back into our circulatory system where it can be detoxified.