Meditation Apps for You to Download in 2023

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Image by AllaSerebrina/Depositphotos

Meditation can be difficult for some people—focusing on breathing, sitting in silence, and trying not to think too much is hard. All of this can make you want to give up altogether, but consistent practice can really help you in the long run. Meditation can help you with your physical and mental health and will lower your stress levels. There are so many meditation apps with guided sessions and tools to help you sleep and feel calm during times of anxiety, you will have no problem finding the correct one for you. These are our favorites to try in 2023.


One of the most well-known mediation apps is Headspace. There are so many guided meditations to help with stress, anxiety, prioritizing, and acceptance. They also have lots of sleep casts and wind-downs to help you get the best night’s sleep.

Aura Health

Aura will provide you with daily meditations, life coaching, and music. They even pay attention to what you are doing on the app and they can offer you more of what you need. You can also track your moods and set reminders to breathe and take time for mindfulness throughout the day.

Yoga Glo

If you’re looking for a mix of fitness and mindfulness then Glo is a great app for you. They have a variety of yoga and pilates classes for you to do at home and lots of meditations. You can set the goals you want to work on for your meditation and they will help you find the correct ones for you.