Melissa Alcantara Shares Common Misconceptions For Fitness Newbies

Melissa Alcantara is one of the most popular celebrity trainers on Instagram, best known for helping Kim Kardashian get in great shape. She enjoys sharing workout videos and tips with her followers, and she recently revealed three common misconceptions most people have at the beginning of their fitness journey.

Unsustainable Diet

Alcantara noticed that many people tend to do unsustainable things in an effort to get fit faster. Many try to adopt an unrealistic healthy diet and quickly give up since they’re not capable of maintaining it in the long run.

Too Much Cardio

The celebrity trainer also believes that many people use cardio to outrun an unhealthy diet. She thinks this is a huge problem because doing endless hours of cardio in an effort to tackle bad eating habits isn’t an effective strategy.

Toning is a Myth

Alcantara admitted that she tried doing different kinds of exercises to get rid of her cellulite, arm, and belly fat. This made her realize that turning fat into muscle by targeting unwanted areas isn’t as easy as it seems because healthy diet and full-body workouts are much more effective.