Michi Will Inspire You to Wear Biker Shorts This Summer

Biker shorts are one of the most polarizing pieces of workout gear, but if you don’t like them it’s probably because you still haven’t found the perfect pair. Celebrity-approved brand Michi has several amazing biker shorts in store, and here are some of their very best.

Instinct Bike Shorts

Instinct bike shorts are one of Michi’s most popular products this summer, and they come in four different animal prints. They all look so stylish you can easily wear them outside of the gym.

Alloy Shorts

If you’re bored of ordinary, one-colored shorts, but don’t want to go overboard with colorful prints, Alloy short is your best bet. It comes in golden/silver color combo and perfectly mixes these metallic shades together.

Circuit Bike Short

One of the things we like the most about Michi’s bike shorts is their incredible versatility. In addition to offering stylish shorts with fun prints, they also have highly-functional classic shorts made with sweat-wicking fabric, with mesh panels for ventilation.