Mindful Eating Tips to Improve Your Health

You can’t achieve fitness or diet goals without carefully choosing what you eat. But another important, food-related factor is how you eat. Eating mindlessly prevents you from realizing when you’re full and tricks you into eating more food than your body needs. Here are the best tips for mindful eating that will help you stay on track.

Set Aside Meal Time

Use a timer if needed, but make sure you have 20 minutes for your meal and that you are doing nothing else but eating during this time.

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Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

It will force you to focus and slow down.

Think About Your Meal

Where do the ingredients come from? How were they produced? How did they end up at the grocery store? What’s the recipe used for cooking it?

Hunger Check

Don’t start eating unless you’re absolutely sure you’re hungry. If you’re not sure, try drinking some water or going on a short walk to see if you’re just thirsty or anxious.