Mini Exercises to Do at Work

The struggles of a 9-5 job can be back-breaking – literally! A lot of us spend hours sitting in front of our computers without taking a break to stretch our legs and joints. Stretching your limbs is one of the most important things to do – to promote further concentration and overall well-being. We’ve come up with a list of simple mini exercises to incorporate into your work routine.

Neck Tilts to Reduce Tension

Neck tilts help decrease tension on your shoulders. Stretching the neck immediately lengthens the larger muscles thus helping your body to relax. Simply tilt your head down so the chin touches the chest, hold it for 5 seconds and return to the starting point. Afterwards, tilt your head to the side – touching one shoulder with your ear and moving on to the next side.

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Modern life can be a pain in the neck – literally! Whether it’s a function of the ergonomics of your workspace, constantly looking down at your smartphone or tablet, or just the day-to-day of carrying groceries, bathing children, or general stress, cervical pain is a reality and it only gets worse as we age. If you’re experiencing neck pain on a regular basis, then doing exercises on your own is likely not enough, and you need to make an appointment to be seen by a cervical spine specialist. But if your pain is only intermittent, then you may be able to get some relief from doing these exercises: »Neck rotation – This exercise should be done in both directions regularly to keep yourself flexible and avoid stiffness. Stand up (or sit up) straight, then slowly turn your neck as far as you can to the side, holding it there for a few seconds. Return to center and repeat on the other side. »Shoulder roll – This exercise not only eases stress and feels good, but also helps to strengthen the muscles in your neck. Stand or sit up straight, then slowly roll your shoulders backwards and forwards, then up and down. »Chin drop and raise – Sit up straight and allow your head to drop forward until you touch your chin to your chest. Inhale and exhale deeply, then return your head to normal position. Now tilt your head backwards and do the same thing. »Side head tilt – Stand or sit up straight and tilt your head to one side, pushing your ear as close to your shoulder as you can without raising your shoulder. Hold for a few seconds, return to an upright position and then repeat on the other side. #progressivespine #drjoshuarovner #spinespecialist #healthyspine #spinesurgery #cervicalpain #painintheneck #painrelief #miniexercises #ministretches

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Palm Stretches for Crazy Typers

After sitting down for hours, typing incessantly on a computer – your hands might feel cramped. Give your hands and forearms a well-deserved break by stretching them for about 15 seconds at a time making sure to alternate. You can do this from the comfort of your own desk. Your coworker might even want to give it a try after seeing you!

Use a Wall for Stretching

When your coworkers are off having lunch or attending a meeting with their bosses, sneak in a little wall exercise. This stretch is great for your back and helps to elongate your spine.

Bring a Theraband

If you already have a resistance band or a Theraband resting at home, bring it to your workplace! You can use it for light strengthening training exercises typically used for physical therapy.