Move 5 Minutes of Every Hour to Beat Lockdown Inactivity

Standing workouts. Get you core training in without hitting the mat.
Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

Most of us used to be at least somewhat active during the day before the pandemic started. Whether it was a walk to work, going out dancing, going shopping with a best friend—all those things added activity to our days without us having to think about them. But that all changed in March of last year when we were forced to start spending more time inside and found comfort in binging Netflix shows, preparing delicious foods, and doing work on the couch in comfy clothes.

Getting Back into the Groove

Once things get back to normal, it will surely be difficult to get used to all the changes which is why it’s important to try and stay active now. Not moving enough can significantly impact physical and mental health. You’ve probably noticed you start feeling worse after not leaving the house for a few days. Anxiety, back pain, and headache are just a few symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle, and beating them can be as simple as setting aside five minutes of every hour to move around.

You can do a lot for your health if you get up every hour to move your body for around five minutes. You can stretch, tidy your room, or dance to your favorite song. All these activities will help you get back to your desk energized and prevent many problems.