Never Forget to Stretch This Part of Your Body

Neck stretch
Photo by Natasha Kaasalainen on Unsplash

It’s a well-known thing that it’s incredibly important to do your stretches before working out. Limbering up is crucial to relaxing your muscles and reinvigorating their flexibility before embarking on rigorous tasks. And yet, as important as stretching is, people tend to not really know how to do it best. Either they’ll perform the stretching exercises wrong, or they’ll forget to stretch important things. Weirdly enough, people often forget to stretch this particular body part—and you shouldn’t.

The Neck

Everyone focuses so much on legs and arms, and rightfully so. Our legs and arms are major players when we do physical activities, and they’re so often injured, so it makes sense that folks would give it a lot of stretching attention.

But your neck is also a very critical part of your body. For some reason, so many people neglect to give their neck a proper limbering. You don’t need to move it around for five minutes—even 20-30 seconds is more than enough. But make no mistake, it’s super important, so make sure you give it proper attention.

Prevent Injuries

If not given enough of a stretch, you may hurt yourself. Since your neck is awfully close to your head, we’d recommend not scoffing at this extra stretch, no matter how minor it may seem.