Not a Yoga Person? Here’s How to Enjoy Yoga

While many people are aware of the mental and physical benefits of yoga, for some, getting into it is really difficult. Are you not a “yoga person”, but you want to start taking advantage of the benefits of the practice? Here are some ways to get into yoga.

Try Something Different

There are tons of types of yoga offered at many levels. Experiment with the different types until you find something you enjoy.

Try Different Instructors

Not every teach works for everyone, so try a few different teachers until you find one you like.

Let Go of Your Expectations

It’s easy to not like yoga if you feel like you’re not good enough. Like any workout, you shouldn’t expect to be amazing during your first class. Make sure when selecting a class, you find one for beginners, so everyone is at your level.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Instead of looking around and comparing yourself to others who have more experience, focus on yourself and let go of judgement or comparison.

Use the Props

Props like blocks, straps, and cushions make the yoga experience more comfortable and enjoyable.