Nutrition Advice That Will Help You Build a Stronger Core

No matter how much effort you’re putting into your workouts, a healthy diet is equally important. If you’re trying to build a stronger core, the things you eat will play a crucial role in your progress. Use this nutrition advice to improve your diet and boost your gains at the gym.

Energy Dense Foods

Counting calories won’t do you any good if your diet isn’t nutritious enough. Instead of eating less, focus on eating healthier, energy-dense foods. Lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should be an essential part of your diet when you’re trying to improve your core strength.

Healthy Fats

Don’t completely eliminate fats from your diet—try eating the ones that will do you good, instead. Avoid processed foods with trans fats, and try to add nuts, avocados, and healthy oils to your diet, but in limited doses.

Right Kind of Carbs

Many people try to avoid carbs at all costs, thinking they lead to belly fat, but your total calorie balance is much more important. If you can’t imagine living without any carbs, try to skip highly processed refined ones, and go for healthier alternatives, usually found in whole grains and raw fruits and vegetables.