Overeating on the Weekends? Here’s How to Gain Control of Your Eating

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sticking to it is much easier on the weekdays than over the weekend. Many people take cheat meals or take a break from counting calories over the weekend. And while there are many reasons why people overeat on weekends, there are also many solutions for gaining control of your healthy eating habits. Here are just five to help get you started.

Eat at Regular Intervals

When you eat three meals a day and two snacks and don’t skip meals, you’re more likely to feel satisfied and avoid overeating. Try and eat balanced meals with carbs, protein, and fat every day of the week and weekend.

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Use the 80/20 Rule

Eating healthily all time is realistic. So, to make it through the week without overdoing it, aim to eat 80% nutrient-dense foods and 20% not-so-nutrient dense foods.

Stay Hydrated

Many people mistake hunger for thirst, so stay hydrated throughout the day. Opt for unsweetened drinks like water, seltzer, and herbal tea.

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Keep Portion Size in Mind

It’s totally okay to enjoy your favorite less healthy foods like burgers and pizza on the weekends, but eat them in moderation. Try using smaller plates, splitting meals with your partner, or asking for to-go boxes when you eat out to cut down on the portion size.

Don’t Skip Meals for Splurges

We’ve all done it—skipped meals when we’ve known that we’re going to splurge on the next meal. Instead of skipping meals, which ends up in overeating at the next one, eat lighter meals or snacks if you plan on having a heavier meal.