Peloton to Release a Smaller Version of Tread Soon

Home workouts are more and more popular and the popularity of the Peloton fitness program has been increasing as well. Two things have kept many people from ordering their own Peloton machines: their price and size. The company is now sharing some good news—the new Tread machine is coming and it will be more affordable and easier to fit in smaller spaces.

The Peloton Tread is a smaller version of the brand’s famous Tread+ machine. While Tread+ costs $4,295, its smaller cousin will cost $2,495. It’s announced to come out in March 2021.

The price is objectively still high, but it allows you to get the Peloton’s famous HD touchscreen and sound system for half the cost of the Tread+. You won’t get the $39/month subscription for unlimited classes, though, unless you buy it separately.

If you’re unsure if Peloton machines are the right choice for you, you can visit one of the brand’s stores and try them out before making a final decision.

As for their bikes, there are already two versions available—Bike and Bike+, with many different classes available for all the users.