Phrases We are Avoiding in Health and Fitness

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Unfortunately, the health and fitness community that has long promoted “healthy” living has had a history of promoting diet culture and unrealistic body standards. Thankfully, we are seeing a huge push for more body positivity and healthy living expectations, but there is still some language that seems ingrained into the culture. Here are some phrases we are cutting out of our lingo to promote health and wellness!

“You Have to Work for the [Insert “Unhealthy” Food Here]”

If you’re ever in a workout class or training with a friend, and they say something about “working” to deserve a treat or to burn off the calories of the ice cream they ate last night, please cover your ears or find a new training partner. There is no reason to shame someone for eating some good food, and you don’t need to work out to deserve it. Just eat the food and love your body enough to move it, regardless of what you eat.

“No Pain, No Gain!”

This phrase is a classic in the gym, but it’s simply not true. There is so much to gain from exercises that seem “easy” or feel good. In fact, if you’re in actual pain while you work out, there’s probably something wrong. Maybe you didn’t warm up properly or you’re pushing your body too hard. Listen to your body and don’t put it through pain just to gain muscle!