Pilates Moves to Use in Your Everyday Life

Photo by Alex Shaw on Unsplash

Pilates is a great low-impact way to stay in shape, especially when you can’t make it to the gym or don’t have the funds for equipment. Much like yoga, it’s easy on the body and can be modified in intensity to fit your fitness needs. Even better, there are some moves that are great just to do at any time to help yourself feel a little calmer and looser.

Breathing Exercises

Breath is the basis of your whole life, so breath control is a great way to set your rhythm at a given moment. One exercise you can do to feel more in control is to lie on your back, put your hands on your stomach, and breathe deeply into your stomach and back, and then back out slowly. Feel your hands on your stomach and try to control the speed with which they lower.

Leg Stretches

These are an abs and core workout move, but can also be used as a more simple stretch. Lie on your back and, one at a time, bring your knees to your chest and pull them in with your hands. This is a great stretch for those with lower back pain or tense/sore glutes and can be made into an abs exercise by lifting the head and shoulders off the floor and keeping your leg hovering off the floor when you straighten it.

Swan Dive

A great stretch for your abs and a strengthener for your back, do this stretch if you’ve been hunched over a keyboard or want to work on back flexibility. Lie on your stomach, and push yourself up such that your torso is off the floor and your back is arched.