Placing Pillows Properly Can Improve Your Sleep

Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

While we sleep, our bodies take the opportunity to regenerate and repair, but actually getting to sleep can be harder than it seems. If you have a hard time falling asleep, pillow placement can help. 

Sleeping on Your Back

If lying flat on your back is your ideal position, you want to keep your pillows to as few as possible. To prevent neck and back pain, place one pillow that is not too thick under your head to give support to your neck. This will also help to improve your posture while you doze.

Sleeping on Your Side

Once on your side, place your shoulder beneath your torso and measure the distance between your ear and the mattress. That should be the thickness of the pillow you choose or an indication of how many you need. The idea is to create alignment so that your body is basically in a standing position while horizontal. Popping a pillow between your knees will give support to your hips while placing one under your arm will offer additional comfort. 

Sleeping on Your Stomach

As comfortable as lying on your belly may be, it isn’t great for your posture. If you’re a stomach sleeper, it’s best to stick with just one pillow or no pillow at all to avoid straining your neck.