Plogging: The Eco-Friendly Fitness Craze You Should Know About

If you’re looking for an activity that allows you to stay fit and save the planet at the same time, we’ve got just the thing for you. Plogging is the new eco-friendly running craze that’s taking the world by storm, and we’re 100% on board with this trend.

The term “plogging” comes from the Swedish word “plocka” meaning “pick” and it’s a combination of jogging and picking up trash during your run. This activity originated in Stockholm back in 2016, and it’s quickly spreading all around the world.

Plogging eventually transformed into a global movement, as runners worldwide decided to become a force for good and help reduce plastic pollution by collecting litter on the go.

Plogging organizations and events are increasing in numbers and if you can’t find one in your area you can always give it a try on your own or with your running group.

To make the whole thing even better, this fun activity burns more calories than regular jogging, since you’ll end up doing a lot of squatting and bending along the way.