Portable Gyms Will Give You a Better Workout at Home

Have you been thinking of ways to upgrade your at-home gym setup? While many of us would love squatting racks or dumbbell sets, our space doesn’t allow us to have them. That’s where portable gyms come in. You can do a variety of exercises with varying resistances and they’re lightweight, without taking up too much space. Check out these all-in-one gyms.


This compact platform with chords on each side weighs under 10 pounds, but it can reach 150 pounds of resistance on each side. It can be placed on the ground, anchored to a bench, or secured to a door mount. There are ankle straps, handles, and a bar attachment to give you a variety of workouts.

TRX Home2 System

If you miss the TRX classes at the gym, you can buy your own TRX suspension trainer. The kit comes with a TRX and door and suspension anchors that conveniently fit in a small pouch. When you buy the kit, you’ll get a one-year subscription to the TRX app, which has workout plans and new exercises.

Gorilla Bow Travel

These bows are inspired by the ones used in archery and they break down into three pieces that can easily fit in a backpack. The basic travel kit includes bands to have 10, 20, 30, and 50 pounds of resistance. It’s great for squats, bent-over rows, and biceps curls.

Bullworker Steel Bow

Inspired by the benefits of isometric training, this portable version has a short bar with two handles you can push and two handles you can pull. You can brace it against your body, the wall, or a chair and use it for back and chest flyes, squats, resisted bicycles, etc. To reach a resistance of up to 130 pounds, add or eliminate springs in an inner compartment.