Quick 10 Minute Arm Workout

This quick arm workout will keep your arms feeling toned for a few hours. Not only does it not require equipment – but you also won’t need to do pushups. Despite this arm workout lacking weights, don’t underestimate it. It’ll make your arms burn, but you’ll feel amazing after.

Reward yourself with a nice cooling smoothie packed with protein powder after this quick workout to help build muscle strength. You got this!

Things You Need

  • Yoga matt (or towel)
  • Comfy workout clothes
  • Rubber shoes
  • Hair tie or headband to keep sweat away
  • Bottled water
  • Upbeat music (optional)

Let’s Get Working!

  • Tricep dips (40 seconds) – make sure your fingers are pointing towards you
  • Walkout to shoulder tap from a high plank (40 seconds)
  • Reverse Plank (40 seconds)
  • Forward walking plank forward or backward only (40 seconds)
  • Crab walk forward or backward only (40 seconds)
  • Downward facing dog with reach (40 seconds) – make sure to alternate your arms!
  • Hover above the ground (40 seconds) – it’s almost like a plank except your knees are touching the ground and your chest is floating
  • Tricep lean backs (40 seconds) – use your triceps and not your abs
  • Plank to rotation (40 seconds)
  • Arm circles

*Make sure to take a 20-second break in between each workout set.

If you didn’t finish this all in one go, that’s fine. Take some rest and try again the next day. If you managed to finish it all – congratulations!