Relaxing Workout Programs That Can Help You Combat Period Pain

Woman stretching in yoga
Photo by Maryjoy Caballero on Unsplash

Most women avoid working out altogether during that time of the month, but doing some light activity is highly recommended. If you pick the right fitness program, working out can even help you combat period pain, and these fun and relaxing activities are a good place to start.

Walks and Short Hikes

Being active on your period doesn’t necessarily mean doing a full-blown workout. Staying on the move and feeling good in your skin should be your main priority, and going on a walk or a short hike is sometimes all it takes.

Yoga and Stretching

The whole point of yoga is to feel relaxed and that makes it a perfect fitness program for that time of the month. You should avoid doing complicated poses, and stick to meditation, stretching, and light movements that will help you combat period cramps.


Pilates is another great workout program that you can engage in during your periods, especially if you’re not dealing with bad cramps. You can find simple pilates instruction videos online, or go to a class.


Period workouts are less about staying in shape and more about feeling good. That makes dancing one of the best fitness programs for that time of the month because you can simply relax and do your own thing.