Right Ways to Do Yoga at Home

Before beginning your own yoga routine, it’s extremely important to learn basic poses from an expert instructor. Your instructor will correct you if you’re doing something wrong, and after a couple of classes, you’ll be able to enjoy yoga at home or outdoors.


It’s important to start with a warm-up to get the movement and flow going. This will prepare your body for tougher poses that require more strength and stability to perform. Your warm-up should take between five and 10 minutes, but it’s more important to observe how your body feels than to watch the clock.

Start Slow

When you’re beginning yoga training on your own, one hour of yoga can feel overwhelming. Start with a few poses you know and feel confident doing. When you’re finished, lie in a corpse pose—on your back, letting your feet fall open, arms relaxed at sides, palms up—for five minutes. Repeat this routine for two weeks.

Always Breathe

Don’t rush, keep both your inhale and exhale even and equal in time, because breath control is essential. The breath is used in a variety of ways—to energize, to relax, or to connect one pose to another.