Safety Guidelines to Follow When Cycling Outdoors

Image via Roxanne Desgagnes on Unsplash

Summer is upon us, which means we can finally enjoy all the fun outdoor activities we know and love. Cycling is one of them, but it’s important to remember to stay safe while practicing it by following these basic guidelines.

Obeying Road Rules

Many cyclists get in trouble because they’re riding on the wrong side of the road, not using hand signaling and ignoring basic road rules. Make sure to get familiar with these rules before hitting the road.

Good Visibility

You can avoid getting injured by making sure everyone else can easily spot you. Opt for brightly colored clothing, have lights fitted to the back and front of your bike, and always make sure you’re wearing a helmet.

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Regular Checks

If you have a habit of going on long rides, make sure your bike is in good shape before embarking on your journey. Lubricate the chain and cables on a regular basis, and visit your local bike shop if there’s anything you can’t fix on your own.