5 Safety Rules Every Scuba Diver Should Live By

Scuba diving is one of the most fun summer activities – as long as you follow the important safety guidelines after getting certified. Your training should’ve prepared you to avoid diving accidents, but we’re here to remind you of a couple of basics.

Double Check

You’ll depend on your equipment during your dive, so make sure to check if everything is working properly and ask your instructor for help if needed.

Don’t Go Alone

Scuba diving isn’t one of the activities you should be doing solo, so make sure to have someone by your side during each escapade.

Breathe Normally

You’ve probably heard this one countless times, but we’re going to repeat it again – never hold your breath while scuba diving and breathe normally at all times.

Slow Ascents

No matter how exhilarating it may be, scuba diving is not an extreme sport and you should always be ascending slowly from a dive.

Know Your Limits

Agree on a maximum time and depth before submerging and stick to it. It’s important to know your limits, since there’s always room for improvement in the future.