Safety Rules You Should Know Before Trying Zorbing This Summer

If you’re always looking for new fun things to try, you’re probably familiar with zorbing. This activity is especially popular with kids and consists of rolling inside a transparent plastic orb. Despite the fact it’s super-fun, zorbing can lead to accidents unless you follow these basic safety guidelines.

Use Common Sense

Zorbing is generally viewed as a safe activity, and the only people who are giving it a bad name are the ones who are trying to turn it into an extreme sport. As long as you use common sense, stay cautious, and not try to do anything dangerous, you should be 100% fine.

Limit Your Time

You shouldn’t spend too much time inside the plastic orb, because your air supply will be extremely limited. Try not to stay longer than five minutes, but it’s ok to jump out even earlier if you’re finding it hard to breathe.

Manage Your Expectations

Zorbing always looks fun when you’re watching from the sidelines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to like it. Confined space inside the plastic orb can be intimidating if you’re struggling with claustrophobia or have breathing issues.