Best Way to Do Planks, According to Selena Gomez’s Personal Trainer

Selena Gomez learned a trick or two about staying in shape from her go-to personal trainer Amy Rosoff Davis. Planks are apparently an essential part of her workout, according to Davis’ recent interview with Hollywood Life.

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Selena’s fitness guru discussed the pop star’s workout routine in-depth and it turns out she usually books between three and five gym sessions a week, and planks are an important part of each one.

“We also do a lot of plank work, and I’m into varied planks. So, not just holding a basic plank, but doing a plank while taking turns tapping opposite arm to opposite shoulder, or lifting and lowering one leg in a pulse, or going from your elbow to your hands tilting your hips,” said Davis.

The celebrity trainer also shared a couple of tips about doing planks correctly, as a way of helping gym enthusiasts who still haven’t fully mastered this move.

“Basically, you want to first make sure you have a correct plank so that your shoulders are stacked over your wrists, your hips are low, you’re pushed into your heels, and you’re not arched, but you’re not grounded. So, your core is activated, your belly button is pulled up to your backbone, and you have that good base,” Davis told Hollywood Life.