Should Hiking Be Your Go-To Workout?

Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

Sometimes the key to getting in shape is really about finding an activity that you love. We don’t care what anyone says—if you’re not enjoying yourself while working out, it’s not going to last. Why would it? Ultimately, you need to feel good while doing whatever workout you’re doing, so it’s really all about finding something that makes sense for you. Here’s why hiking is a great candidate to be your go-to workout.

You’re in the Great Outdoors

As amazing and resourceful as gyms are, not everyone agrees with them. This is because they’re indoors and filled with other people, two factors that can cause certain people to feel stifled and uncomfortable. If that’s you, perhaps you’d react better to hiking outdoors. You’ll have fresh air, beautiful views, open spaces, and no one but yourself as you climb rocky landscapes.

It’s a Great Workout

Another aspect to consider is that you can find the perfect hike for you. Some of them are insanely challenging, while others are more understated and easy. If you don’t mind shlepping yourself to a trail once a week, this could be the start of a great routine where you stay fit and enjoy nature in the process.