3 Ways To Build Your Shoulders Without Using Weights

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Trying to build toned shoulders, but don’t have any equipment at home that could get you there?  Not a problem! There are tons of exercises out there that can help you look like a bodybuilder in the making without any weights or dumbbells. Here’s a few that proved to be very effective in the long run.


Push-ups are one of those classic whole-body exercises you probably hated as a kid, but that doesn’t minimize their importance. They work your triceps and core at the same time but are still considered one of the basic shoulder exercises, because your arms are the ones doing most of the work.

Single Arm Plank

Regular planks rarely affect your shoulders, since they’re mainly core exercise, but same can’t be said about single arm version. Doing this exercise with one arm alone is much more demanding, but it’s a perfect way to get your shoulders into a great shape.

Pike Press

This is another exercise that can effectively train your back muscles and triceps which doesn’t require any equipment whatsoever. It’s done by basically making a V shape curve with your arms and feet by placing your hands on the ground in front of you. Once that’s done, you should slowly lower your body until you reach the floor with your head.