So You’re Going to a Group Fitness Class for the First Time… Here’s What You Should Know

Fitness class
Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

If you’re used to working out alone, going to a group fitness class for the first time can be pretty intimidating. Suddenly, you’re doing a brand new workout in a room full of strangers who already know one another. But don’t let this intimidation factor stop you from going to a group workout, as these can be incredibly motivating and good for you. To help ease your mind a little, here are some tips for your first group fitness class.

Talk to the Instructor Ahead of Time

A lot of the time, group fitness instructors will ask at the beginning of class if anybody is new. That way, they’ll know to give you special attention and help if you need it. But if you don’t want to raise your hand and admit to being new in front of everybody, you can always come a little early and have a chat with your instructor before the class. Tell them you’re new and if you have any injuries. They’ll be sure to accommodate you accordingly.

It’s Okay to Stand in the Back

If the idea of everybody watching you work out makes you uncomfortable, it’s totally okay to start out your group fitness journey by standing in the back corner of the room where nobody can see you. Over time, as you build confidence, you can start making your way toward the front of the room.

Keep Coming Back

The learning curve for group fitness classes is very friendly, and it will probably only take three to four classes before you feel like a pro who has been doing it forever. So keep pushing and you’ll quickly get into the groove of things.