Spice Up Your Workout Routine With These Jumping Jack Variations

Image by bernardbodo/Depositphotos

Jumping jack is a great cardio exercise that affects your entire body, and unlike other exercises like burpees, they’re so much fun. If you’re tired of doing your basic jumping jacks, here are a few great and effective variations to try.

Squat Jacks

The easiest way to make jumping jacks more difficult is to add a squat jump to your usual jacks. Squat jacks are more challenging and you’re going to feel that burn in your legs afterward.

Lateral Raise Jumping Jacks

This exercise is very similar to the basic jumping jack, the only difference is that you’re raising your arms to shoulder level and not above your head. To make the move a bit more difficult and effective you can use weights.

Straight Arm Jacks

Just like the name suggests, in this variation your arms are in front of you and you’re bringing them directly above your head.

Jumping Jacks with Mini Bands

Resistance bands are always a great way to add intensity to your workouts and get better results. This is the basic jumping jack, but with a mini-band around the legs that will engage the muscles and make you work harder.