Spilling the Tea on Collagen Peptides

Collagen is a vital component found in animals and humans. It’s designed to increase elastin in your hair, nails, and even in your joints! Also, if you’re prone to leaky guts and food allergies, collagen peptides will greatly help with your immune system. Drinking collagen peptides will help in your bone’s production of collagen fibers which support your existing tissue structure. To make sure your collagen peptides are legit, check to see if they’re certified by a third-party.

What are Peptides?

Peptides contain 20 naturally-occurring amino acids that help the cells and tissues in the body in multiple ways. Peptides can even aid in the healing of slow wounds, since they bind to cell receptors and have regenerative properties. This almost sounds like a wonderful natural chemical that can help aid almost any joint and hair issues.


Throw Some in Your Smoothies

Besides drinking collagen peptides mixed with water, why not spruce it up by adding two spoonfuls to your morning smoothies? The vanilla or chocolate flavored ones would go great with your morning berry smoothie. They also give you the extra boost you need to weather through the long mornings.

Make it a Routine

As much as doing yoga, running, and exercising daily are vital activities, taking care of your hair, nails and joints is imperative too. Since these body parts are tools we use every day, making sure they’re performing at their best is imperative. When our joints are healthy, our overall well-being will also be healthy and happy.