Sports Drinks to Try on Your Next Workout

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash

When you’re doing a strenuous workout, staying hydrated is the most important thing. Of course, this means drinking water above all, but you may also want to replenish your electrolytes in order to stay energized and maintain that hydration for longer. Sports drinks are just the way to do that—they’ve got carbs and minerals to help you feel your best. Here are three to try out.


Nooma is great for vegans and naturalists who prefer to get their vitamins from plants and natural minerals. Thanks to coconut water and sea salt, this vegan plant-based drink provides sugar-free (stevia-sweetened), low-calorie potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium in a wide variety of flavors that aren’t only fruity.

Nuun + Caffeine Tablets

Nuun + Caffeine tablets can be dissolved in water, making them much more portable than a ready-made drink. They are low in calories and only have a bit of added sugar, plus they have caffeine and oxidant-rich green tea extract. These are great for a boost when you’re feeling tired or you just need a pop of energy.

Gatorade Thirst-Quencher

Perhaps almost too obvious to make the list, Gatorade is a great option for endurance athletes, people who suffer from low blood sugar, or those without access to health food stores or gyms where more obscure drinks are sold. This is because Gatorade is much higher in calories and sugar than the average sports drink and it’s available anywhere. If you want to minimize the sugar and calories, you can also water it down.