Sports That Can Be Played Inside or Outside

Photo by Nadin Mario on Unsplash

One problem with activities that can only be done outside is that they are very dependent on the weather—there may be a whole season where you can’t engage in them. On the other hand, if a sport needs a specific indoor area to be played, if you’re at a hotel or far from a gym, you may not have the space or equipment. So here are some sports to get into that can be played any time of year, outside or in.


Skating is great fun at skateparks, down the boardwalk…or inside at your local skating rink. There are also plenty of indoor skateparks around the country. If you’re not able to get to a skating rink, you should be able to skate down the street or at a local park; on the other hand, if it’s freezing or raining, you can usually find a nearby indoor skatepark or rink.


Yoga is a great way to connect with nature on a nice day…but it’s also really easy to do even in a small or unconventional space. Even if you don’t have a yoga mat, you can usually use grass or sand for softness, or even a towel. You can even just do yoga moves that only require you to stand up!


Climbing is a popular enough sport today that most cities or areas have a climbing gym or at least a wall you can access. On the other hand, if you like being out in nature, climbing on natural rock formations is an awesome experience and a great way to meet new people.