Start Getting Excited For Paris 2024

Olympic Rings
Photo by Bryan Turner on Unsplash

Next summer, the French capital will host the Olympics. Thousands are expected to descend on Paris, to watch sporting history moments and to experience the feel of a French-hosted Olympics. Whilst not all details are known yet here are three things to get excited for next summer.

Swimmers in the Seine

Officials are making a lot of effort to ensure that Paris’ river is clean enough for some swimming events to take place within it. This will benefit a lot of people, as even after the Olympics are over there will be renewed consciousness about the importance of water sanitation for wild swimmers. In London, long after the Olympics of 2012 ended, people still use the Serpentine Lake (site of the triathlon swimming trials) as a spot to get some exercise in, so the benefits of cleaning up the Seine are myriad.

Cyclists on the Streets

Tickets for events will be hard to come by, so why not get yourself in a prime position to see the cycling road races? The cyclists will race all over Paris, before ending up in Montmartre, the pretty neighborhood with stunning views across Paris. Get there early, croissant or baguette in hand, and get ready to cheer along with the crowds when you see the peloton leaders powering up that hill.

Records Will Be Broken

The last Olympic games, in Tokyo, were overshadowed by the after-effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, and many athletes noted that they hadn’t had their usual access to training programs and facilities. At Paris, the Olympians will have been focused on nothing else for the past three years, and world records are certain to fall. Whether it’s American sprinter Noah Lyles beating Usain Bolt’s 100-meter and 200-meter records, or Simone Biles setting yet more records in gymnastics, viewers in the stadiums and at home watching the TV are in stock for some shocks, surprises, and excitement.