Stella McCartney Reveals Her Favorite Fall Activewear Essentials

Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Adidas is a gift that keeps on giving, and her new fall/winter collection for this brand is as amazing as the ones that came before it. It features a series of chic gym essentials, and it turns out the famous designer has her favorites.

McCartney discussed her new Adidas’s line in a recent interview with InStyle and revealed that two of her favorite pieces in the collection were designed with outdoor exercises in mind.

“My favorite pieces are the TruePace Wind.RDY jacket in photo snow leopard, designed to keep you going in windy weather, and the ultra-comfortable Eulampis hiking boots that are water-resistant, have insulated lining for added warmth,” explained McCartney.

Just like with each of McCartney’s collections in the past, the products were made with sustainable materials made out of recycled waste. Comfort was also one of the most important factors during the design process, and the designer tried her best to create high-performance pieces that are stylish and comfortable, and seamlessly fit into active lifestyles.