Strange Fitness Products You Won’t Believe Exist

Image by pyotr021/Depositphotos

New fitness gear can improve our fitness routine and motivate us to exercise more, which is why every year we see plenty of new innovations in the fitness world. Most of these are great and effective, but here are a few that made us raise our eyebrows.

Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps are low impact, rebound shoes that have become very popular in cardio and cross-training workouts. They can also be used in other activities like jogging, boxing, and aerobics, and even though they look funny, these jump shoes can improve the quality of workouts.


This unusual fitness tool shaped like a bow can improve workouts by using vibration to activate different muscles and stabilize spine.

A Treadmill Bike

Creators of this strange device were probably bored with their regular bikes, or maybe they were looking for ways to make cycling more active. This fun treadmill bike will definitely take you to your destination, but you’ll have to walk on the treadmill if you want it to move.

Wrist Trainer

Wrists are one of those body parts that we often forget in our fitness routine, but this strange little ball will help you strengthen not only your wrists but also your shoulders and arms.