Stretches for People on Their Feet All Day

Photo by Nikola Murniece on Unsplash

If you’re a service worker, a health care worker, a teacher, a construction worker, or in one of the many other professions that require standing for long periods of time, you probably feel the toll on your body in the form of stiffness and sometimes pain. If you’re experiencing back pain, muscle tightness, or other discomforts—or if want to avoid it—here are some stretches for those on their feet all day.

Lunging Calf Stretch

Your calves are a common muscle that can cramp up when you’re standing in one position for most of the day. Stretching them out with this lunge is a great way to help release some tension, and the lunge is great because it can easily be done during the day while you’re at work.

Seated Lumbar Stretch

To do this stretch, sit up straight in a chair and slowly fold your body over your thighs with your hands hanging in front until you feel a stretch in your spine, especially your lower back and neck. The lower back is under pressure when you stand, so this is a really useful stretch for when you get the chance to sit down.

Tennis Ball Foot Stretch

After being on your feet all day, foot stretches and massages are a must. One way to get some good pressure is to sit on a chair and put a tennis ball under your foot. Roll the ball around with your foot, pressing down for the amount of pressure that you want.