Stretches to do After Intense Exercises

Stretching is oftentimes overlooked when working out – when this shouldn’t be the case. Since intensive workouts require more cardio and your body produces more sweat – allowing your muscles to relax after is imperative. Take a few minutes to stretch your limbs after a laborious exercise. Not only will your body thank you after, but you’ll also increase your flexibility and gain fewer injuries and cramps.

Side Stretches

Side stretching is good for your sides and spine. It gives you great posture and since this action elongates the abdominal muscles, stretching your sides allows your ribs to breathe a little better.

Leg Stretches

Leg stretches are great to do at the beginning of your workout too. Warming up the muscles is part of the exercise routine and helps reduce the risk of injury. Your flexibility will increase as the days pass.

Hip Opener

The glutes and hips can be strained after hours of sitting down in the same place. This, in turn, causes lower back pain and can harm your back in the long run. Swaying your hips around with stretches can help to restore balance in all your muscle groups of your hips.

Ask a Friend for Help

“We get by with a little help from our friends,” says the Beatles. And they’re totally right. The presence of a friend or a trainer can help us stretch certain parts of our body that we wouldn’t be able to typically reach. Just make sure to let them know if any sudden movement causes pain, if so, adjust the pressure of the stretching according to what makes you feel comfortable.